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แอพ แต่งรูปหน้าแก่ ชรา หน้าอ้วน หน้าผี OLDIFY สำหรับ iPhone 5 ดาว

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Application OLDIFY  for iPhone  ดาวน์โหลดฟรี

2012-4-17 10:46

2012-4-17 10:46

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2012-4-17 10:46


TODAY’S SPECIAL PROMOTION: Oldify is brought to you for free by the all new App-o-Day: Free App Deal of the Day – by Iddiction.

See your Future!
(NEW! Combine OLD + BALD effects!)

Oldify ages you AND animates your face in 3D!
Your elderly face will smile, blink, yawn and react to your gestures. What will YOU look like in 60 years?
Oldify yourself, friends and family, then send them a video!

You can share super realistic videos and pictures via MMS, YouTube, Facebook, Twitter, and Email.

AGE FACES 50 YEARS IN 5 TAPS (now gives you grey hair!)
- Double tap to flip between youth and old age
- Take a photo or choose one from your iPhone or iPod touch library
- Scroll through all the faces you’ve Oldified in your photo booth

- 3D and Animated; Smiling, blinking, coughing, yawning, and more!
- Swipe the screen and your Oldified faces will watch your finger
- Poke faces in the forehead and see what happens!

Share videos in just a few seconds via MMS (once downloaded), YouTube, Facebook, Twitter, and email

It’s hilarious

JOIN US - facebook.com/Oldify
We'd love to know what you think! (NEW features coming soon!)

Note: Oldify is meant to make you laugh and/or giggle, and should be used purely for entertainment. Enjoy!

What's New in Version 1.5

Oldify is FREE for the weekend! HAPPY EASTER! + NEW features:
- Now Combine Old + Bald effects!
- ALL NEW interface! (Less buttons, better info, and new "Edit" mode)
- Less memory usage and bug fixes

Enjoy, and also try out Fatify(FREE) and Baldify. Also, come say hi on Facebook: facebook.com/Oldify

Thanks everyone!
- the Oldify team

2012-4-17 10:46

Download Application OLDIFY  for iPhone Free

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